Kansas Concealed Carry

Let me start by stating that Kansas is a constitutional carry state. That means you do not need a permit to carry concealed (or open) in Kansas. However, there are several reasons you may want a permit.

  • You can travel to other (but not all) states with your firearm.
  • You do not need an additional background check when purchasing firearms.
  • Federal law prohibits carrying within 1000ft (300m) of school property. A Kansas Concealed Carry Permit is one of the exceptions to this law.
  • You learn a lot in a good Kansas concealed carry class.

Kansas Concealed Carry Curriculum

The State of Kansas mandates a minimum of 8-hours of class. The class includes a classroom and range portion that cover topics important for concealed carry.

  1. An introductory safety briefing
  2. A basic introduction to handguns, safe handling, and storage of firearms
  3. Firearm care and maintenance
  4. Legal issues relating to the use of deadly force
  5. Use of deadly force (preparedness for confrontations)
  6. Firearm manipulation, marksmanship, and practice
  7. A multiple-choice written test (self-corrected until a 100% score is received, 25 questions)
  8. Range qualification. A total of 18 out of 25 shots on the scoring portion of the target is required to pass. The course of fire is:
    1. 3 yards: one-handed grip, total rounds 5
    2. 7 yards: two-handed grip, total rounds 10
    3. 10 yards: two-handed grip total rounds 10
  9. Overall evaluation of student (pass or fail decision made by the instructor)

I charge $75 per person to take my Kansas Concealed Carry Class. There are cheaper classes out there but many of those classes have hidden range fees, so make sure you find out about extra fees before you are surprised. I do not charge extra fees for my classes unless you need to use some of my ammo.

You do not need a gun to take my class. If you do not have a firearm I will let you borrow one of mine at no charge (ammo is $5). I would prefer you to come to class without a gun instead of buying one that may be subpar just to take the class. Take the class first and then make a more informed decision about your purchase.

Application Process

I will give you a certificate upon completion of my class. Make a copy of the certificate of completion. You will need to take the certificate, application, a passport photo, two checks ($100 to the AG and $32.50 to the sheriff), and a copy of your Kansas ID to your local sheriff’s office. The sheriff will fingerprint you and send all your information to the AG. Then you wait. Once you get the approval, you must go to the DMV to get your permit. That’s it! Congratulations!