Classes Offered

Below is a list of the classes that currently I offer or plan on offering once I get the curriculum finalized. I am constantly training and learning myself and plan on adding more classes in the future so check back or shoot me an email if there is something you would like to see. I do not always every class scheduled, but I will schedule them if there is a demand.

Kansas Concealed Carry Classes

Classes coming soon (Coming faster if you demand them more)

  • Beyond Concealed Carry
  • Drawing Faster
  • Basic Pistol
  • Introduction to Firearms for Kids

There are classes that I believe everyone should take if you are going to carry a firearm. A force on force class is a must in my opinion. This gives you a chance to pressure test your skills in as close to real-life encounters you can have with acceptable risk. Unfortunately at this time I do not believe myself to be qualified to teach these types of classes but that doesn’t mean you can’t ask me about them anyway. I have connections and can point you in the right direction. I am a resource for you. Use it!