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What is a Gray Man

A gray man is someone who possesses skills or abilities which make them a great asset in an emergency while concealing those skills from others.

My primary goal at Gray Man Training is to make the world a safer place by providing individuals the tools and training to recognize, avoid, and as a last resort, eliminate threats around them. The term gray man refers to blending in / not standing out. I am not here to make you some sort of tactical ninja. I want to instill confidence to reduce the chances of becoming a victim. You must be physically and mentally prepared to defend yourself and your family when the time comes. Be outstanding, don’t stand out.

About Skyler

I am an arborist at my full-time job. Gray Man Training is just my side job/ passion/ hobby. I started doing this because I am passionate about the fact that you are your own first responder. If you are ever in the unfortunate situation you need to defend/provide medical intervention to yourself, the likelihood that someone else steps in is very slim. The police are not going to be there in time unless you are extremely lucky and as the saying goes “luck counts, but you can’t count on luck”. You are responsible for you; once I realized this was true in my own life I sought information and training. The internet being what it is, there is a ton of good and also bad information out there. The trick is determining what is what. I began taking classes from industry professionals in shooting, medical, hand to hand, OC, and others. I take my training seriously and I take yours seriously (but that doesn’t mean we don’t have fun). What you learn could save a life and it might be your own.

I have started my journey and I invite you to start your journey with me.




This is a list of resources I have found handy and I want to share them with you. Take what is helpful and leave what is not. This list will be ever growing so check back when you have time. (Not in any particular order.)



  • Law of Self Defense — Andrew Branca
  • Left of Bang — Jason A. Riley and Patrick Van Horne
  • The Gift of Fear — Gavin de Becker


  • Civilian Medical Podcast
  • Concealed Carry Podcast
  • Evolution Security
  • Firearms Trainers Podcast
  • Going Ballistic
  • Gun Talk
  • Guns Guide to Liberals
  • Matter of Facts Podcast
  • Primary Secondary
  • Student of the Gun
  • Team Vtac with Kyle Lamb
  • American Warrior Show
  • Modern Samurai Project
  • The Privacy Security and Osint Show
  • This Week in Guns
  • We Like Shooting